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It is the most important product of the Company with an incidence of 80% on the total turnover. It is a product with a non-stop technical evolution: in 1987 (Ministerial memorandum n° 2337) and later in 1990 (Decree dated May 4th), this product has been subject to modifications which have raised its impact resistance by increasing sections and thickness of the components with a consequent weight increasing per linear meter of more 30 and 50% than the former typologies. This is due to the increased needs of traffic security, to the higher speed and number of the vehicles on the roads and to the need to be in harmony with some international norms in common with other European countries.

The Decree n° 223 of February 1992, its following revisions and their corresponding European norm impose the respect of more innovative and onerous parameters.

They compel besides the manufacturers to homologate the product and the road operators to adopt such structures for all new road plants, besides adjusting progressively all existing road protections.

IMEVA is working on particulars projects about impact typologies which are not provided for by national law in force. Such choice meets the company spirit to consider the defence of all road consumers as a priority and conditional target apart from law obligations.


Guard Rails:


This is a relatively new and intelligent product; it is besides well prodotti-condotteallocated in the criteria of a modern road building and it has an incidence of 15% on the total turnover.

IMEVA is a leader on the national and international market thanks also to its capacity to exploit to the utmost the versatility of this product by proposing a lot of alternative utilizations.



Always in the field of road security steel items, IMEVA produces and installs too complementary safety products which are the remaining 5% of the total turnover.prodotti-complementari

They are items that follow the development of road network and its adjustment to the criteria of traffic security. They are:

  • Minor products such as protective nets for flyovers, fencings and parapets;
  • Soundproof barriers to knock down road, highway and railway noise. Such structures are in different RAL colours and they are made of both iron and aluminium sandwich panel covers with a rockwool inside, and PMMA sheets. They adjust themselves to the most different installation needs thanks to the long term experience in the field of compound installations.


Other Products:


Commercial areas

Imeva covers the whole national territory through agents managed by commercial and operative branches. The territory is divided therefore in North, Middle and Sardegna, South and Sicily branches.


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