Historical hints

IMEVA founded in 1968 by Pellegrino Varricchio who was formerly the owner-manager of an important company specialized in the installation of air and underground medium and high tension electric lines.quote1busto

IMEVA founded to produce steel items: pylons, hooks, clamps, brackets and so on… In the 70’s that active, farsighted and rich of ideas businessman, foresaw the  important potentialities of the market concerning the construction of the great road networks, thus creating new production ranges such as steel road security guard rail, culverts and pipes. Generation process has never stifled the passion, the seriousness and the devotion to work which have always been faithful to founder’s spirit.
The high quality standard IMEVA has reached is due to the uninterrupted and stubborn commitment to search and propose to the market more and more innovative,
competitive and high quality solutions which grant security and efficiency of products.

IMEVA is today leader on national and international markets.



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