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Image of seriousness and quality.

Harmony and unity among leaders and their workers make IMEVA a solid team ready to lead the company to new aims of development. Very through to the market variations, IMEVA is able to satisfy each requirement with timeliness and competence. Precise strategic choices have allowed IMEVA to add its products a high quality and technological content as well as strong competitiveness.

The new industrial establishment, completed and become operative in 2000, extends over an area of 100.000 square metres, 30.000 of which are covered. It has carried out recurrent updating renovations of its productive structures, investing in high technology and automation. The Company has set up and arranged a modern technical office which assists designers and customers since the planning stage giving its service even during the after-sale stage. The commercial structure has been supplemented with an assembly division to assist the customer completely even during the installation stage.

The Company has so much strengthened its commercial penetration to get to cover the whole national area with direct agents managed by commercial and operative branches placed in Rome, Verona and Bari. The foreign commercial department is in continuous growth as concern the marketing of products in European, middle east, African and American countries. The know-how acquired through an uninterrupted and intense research activity, allows IMEVA to boast a wide and recognized planning capacity in its field.

The Company has started up a quality managing system concerning designing and distribution of products according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2001 standard: “designing and production of steel road safety barriers” and “designing and production of corrugated steel culverts made of sheet structural elements”. Conscious of environmental problems, IMEVA has started up as well an environmental control system according to ISO 14001/UNI EN ISO 14001:1996.
Current general lines also allow a range of inner synergies which are fundamental to the management costs; such elements, together with quality, services and seriousness, widely proved by the Company over a period of 35 years, have led IMEVA to become a leader on national and international market.

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