Complementary Products


Always in the field of road security steel items, IMEVA produces and installs too complementary safety products which are the remaining 5% of the total turnover.prodotti-complementari

They are items that follow the development of road network and its adjustment to the criteria of traffic security. They are:

  • Minor products such as protective nets for flyovers, fencings and parapets;
  • Soundproof barriers to knock down road, highway and railway noise. Such structures are in different RAL colours and they are made of both iron and aluminium sandwich panel covers with a rockwool inside, and PMMA sheets. They adjust themselves to the most different installation needs thanks to the long term experience in the field of compound installations.


Other Products:

Commercial areas

Imeva covers the whole national territory through agents managed by commercial and operative branches. The territory is divided therefore in North, Middle and Sardegna, South and Sicily branches.


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