Sheet Steel Corrugated Structural Elements
Corrugation 150/100/70


IMEVA Steel Corrugated Structural Elements Corrugation 150/ 100/ 70, may be used in different ways in the field of general constructions such as the performance of the following products:

  • service tunnels under aggregate pile to be extracted by use of belt conveyers, in crushing aggregate plants and/or concreting production;
  • silos to contain aggregate or cereals, vertical axe tanks for water storing and so on;
  • well liners for underground waters seizing drifts;
  • protecting barriers for various different vertical works (such as steel or concrete pylons) from accidental impacts of vehicles and/or work means;
  • earth bearing bulkheads, sheet piles and so on;
  • rock falling-proof barriers to protect roads;
  • underground for pedestrian crossing (even without traffic interruption);
  • underground and out-ground environments for civil, industrial and agricultural uses (coverings for material stocking, working tools shelters and so on).

This Catalogue describes particularly the use of such Structural Elements for the production of culverts and pipes used in the field of road constructions.

The tables of this Catalogue show the dimensions (element-thickness related to the height of the embankment above the culvert) which however-arising from calculation methods concerning particularly road installation-are, to be meant as indicative and not compelling since they essentially aim at the calculation of the theoretical weights of the corresponding culverts.

Depending on particular use conditions, the Customer will provide for verifying the structural stability of his installation and for fulfilments according applicable regulations about construction matters (law 1086/1971; local provisions), because the chosen culvert is not subject to the norm mass-produced products, according to Italian M.D. LL. PP. 09.01.96 – Part III.



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